Born in the small dairy town of Acme, Washington.

We create the best, ultra-premium ice cream around!

We use much more cream and we never add air (zero air!) to our ice cream, so you get thick and rich ice cream with a taffy-like texture. We use only fresh, local, hormone-free milk. We scratch-bake the brownies for our Fudge Brownie, melt and swirl the dark chocolate for our chocolate chip and freshly roast the nuts for our Butter Pecan. We partner with local berry farmers and coffee roasters for the tastiest, freshest ingredients around.



Giving Back

We bring our beliefs to life by proudly supporting local community and environmental organizations.

The Heritage Trust is responsible for managing 1,088 acres of treasured Lummi Island land and has an enormous responsibility to ensure safety for our visitors, protection of the sensitive ecological areas and wildlife, and fairness to every person who chooses to visit a Heritage Trust Preserve. We can’t be on site 24/7, so we depend on people like you to be respectful of the public access rules posted at the Preserves.



Local Support

Acme Ice Cream is also proud to support and give back to our local schools.

Welcome to beautiful downtown Acme, Washington, home of Acme Elementary School. The rural setting of the South Fork Valley provides a wonderful variety of opportunities for our students. Our 200 students will be found in Kindergarten through Sixth Grades. A quick tour of the building may show students in a variety of classroom activities and groupings. Cross grade activities, small group instruction, assemblies, group projects, and much more provide a wealth of educational alternatives for our students.

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Local Care

Giving back to support local health at Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center.

Diagnostic Imaging Campaign for PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cardiovascular Center. Sustaining exceptional cardiovascular care for your family, friends and neighbors here in Whatcom County. Improving safety for Cardiovascular Center patients and employees. Supporting the most advanced cardiovascular imaging equipment for more than 21,000 procedures each year.

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Real Solutions

FareStart is a real solution to some of our society's most pressing challenges—homelessness, joblessness, poverty and hunger. FareStart is an effective social service provider and a thriving social enterprise.  They help people transform their lives, create value for our community, and offer a way for everyone to play a role doing something that matters. Visit to learn more.



Chief Seattle Club

Located in the Seattle's historic Pioneer Square district, the Chief Seattle Club provides a safe and sacred place to rest, revive, and nurture the spirit of urban Native peoples in need.

We believe in the power of our ancestral ways, and preserving them means fostering a sense of community among those without one to call their own.The Chief Seattle Club is a 501(c)3 registered organization dedicated to physically and spiritually supporting American Indian and Alaska Native people. At our center in the Pioneer Square district of downtown Seattle, we provide food, medical support, housing assistance, the Urban Indian Legal Clinic, a Native art program and gallery, frequent outings to tribes, pow wows, and museums, and much more.