The Best Store Bought Ice Cream


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I discovered one of the best store-bought ice creams at Seattle Wine & Food Experience’s POP! Seafood & Bubbles food event this year, and it’s made right in Bellingham, WA. Acme Ice Cream was slinging scoops in tiny little cones, which naturally I had to try, because ice cream.

I was completely blown away by the texture and how deeply flavored it was. If you read my best ice cream shops in Seattle roundup, you know I have a thing for creamy ice cream. Well, this was creamy and had a subtle taffy-like pull as you removed the cone from your mouth.

I’d never had a texture like this before, so I was intrigued. I reached out to Acme Ice Creamand chatted with CEO Erin Fray to learn how this local Washington ice cream company with only about 20 employees is creating some of the best store-bought ice cream on the west coast.

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