ACME - What's in a Name?

Believe it or not, Acme is a real place. This tiny pastoral town tucked up in Washington State’s “northwestiest” corner is carpeted in thick sweet grass, a favorite snack of Acme’s largest population component. Dairy cows – more than 40,000 – rule the town of Acme, Washington and surrounding Whatcom County. No, not road runners. Contrary to popular thought, there are no road runners zooming down the country roads here and while the state is home to something like 50,000 coyotes, none of them have ever proved to be all that wily.

The docile denizens of Whatcom County are brown-eyed girls munching happily on our fine verdant blades producing the pinnacle – Dare we say the apex? Nay, the zenith! – of sweet cream (around 14 million gallons of milk per month). Nothing but nature’s best goes into ACME Ice Cream. Every scoop is the perfect blend of rich, indulgent goodness.

Unlike the anvil-producing generic Acme Corp. of Looney Tunes fame, ACME Ice Cream is locally grown and operated. We partner with dairy farmers and berry growers in our own back yard – a landscape saturated with brilliant green grass and trees, flanked by snowcapped mountains, dotted with a rainbow of produce and flowers, perched on the edge of the Salish Sea.

Acme’s corner of the planet is just about perfect, but, alas, chocolate, coffee, and vanilla must still be sourced from balmier regions of the world. Guittard Chocolate Company, our chocolate supplier, hand-selects beans from single- and blended-origin sources. Moka Joe Coffee, our coffee roaster, buys organic 100% Fair Trade Certified coffee beans. And our Madagascar vanilla is simply the best produced by planet Earth.

So, chuckle all you want about our name. ACME Ice Cream is the crème de la crème, causing smiles with every bite. After all, ice cream should make you happy. And our ultra-premium ice cream delivers mountain-top joy.

Acme Staff