Ring Around the Raspberry



Matchmaking in Whatcom County

Summer raspberries scream pure joy in the Pacific Northwest. Our warm days and cool nights produce sweet fruit with enough acidity to blast them into the flavor pleasure zone. And all those bright, rich reds and purples mean loads of nutrients from Vitamin C to anthocyanins and ellagitannins that fight inflammation and cancer. Berries may be the health superheroes of the fruit world, but it’s the sweet zingy taste that keeps us reaching back into the farmer’s market flat for just one more until all that’s left are juicy stains on the green pint boxes.

These racy berries had us all hot and bothered, so we rolled out our coolest summer flavor -- ACME Ultra-Premium Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Combined with rich Whatcom County cream, our raspberry ice cream mellows to a deep pink color, fragrant with fresh raspberry aromas waking up the tongue with a tart hello followed by a sweet finish.

We love these berries so much, we want to give a shout out to the raspberry farmers at Enfield Farms. Founded in 1978 by Marv Enfield, the original 80 acres of strawberries and raspberries have blossomed into 1,000 acres of raspberries and blueberries under the management of his sons and current owners Adam and Andy Enfield. They produce upwards of 10 million pounds of raspberries each year!

The Meeker variety of raspberry dominated the landscape beginning in the late 1960s due it’s machine-harvestability. But the Enfield’s thought they could improve both the flavor and nutritional content, so they partnered with New Zealand-based Plant & Food Research to develop the Wake®Field raspberry variety.

Wake®Field, the berry in our ACME Ultra-Premium Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, contains nearly twice the Vitamin C and anthocyanins of the Meeker berry, and 2.5 times the ellagitannins. The berry is a little darker in color and boasts a distinctly zestier flavor pop with both more sugar and more acidity than its predecessor.

This ice cream is a Whatcom County match made in heaven. Local cream, local family farms, local raspberries. That equation adds up to a delicious partnership. Juicy summer smiles brought to you by Wake®Field raspberries mingling with crisp chips of Guittard chocolate enveloped in thick, creamy goodness.

Raptor Webmaster