Here at ACME, we love the classics – vanilla bean, dark chocolate chip, strawberry – but we also like to mix things up from time to time. Consider the Italian affogato – made with a scoop of our vanilla bean ice cream that “goes to 11” and then drowned in a shot of hot Moka Joe espresso. It’s a beautiful way to enjoy an afternoon lift with a touch of rich, velvety sweetness.


Now, let’s dim the lights a little and take that idea into the evening. You’ve just enjoyed a fantastic meal with friends. Plates have been all but licked clean. Waves of laughter have moved up and down the table for a couple of hours. And the post-dinner sweet tooth kicks in. A shot of espresso might not be in everyone’s post-3 p.m. best interests.

Enter, the “Shottogato” – a match made in heaven, combining a thick, rich scoop of ACME Ultra-Premium Butter Pecan Ice Cream with a shot of locally distilled The Dark Door Bourbon from Wildwood Spirits. It’s the Southern Belle greeted by her handsome gentleman with a genteel accent on a hot summer night. The proverbial Scarlett to her Rhett. Made using organic, non-GMO Washington wheat and corn, the bourbon’s caramel and toffee notes envelope the rich, nutty scoop of butter pecan decadence into bite after swoon-worthy bite. Clark Gable eat your heart out!

Don’t drown your sorrows. Drown your ice cream. After all, tomorrow is another day!


(serves 1)

1 scoop ACME Ultra Premium Butter Pecan Ice Cream

1 shot Wildwood Spirits The Dark Door Bourbon

 ·      Temper the ice cream for about ten minutes on the counter to soften it slightly.

·      Scoop the ice cream into a bowl, glass, or coffee cup.

·      Pour the bourbon over the ice cream.

·      Enjoy immediately, preferably near a fainting couch to make a soft landing for that swoon.

Raptor Webmaster