ACME Ice Cream + Moka Joe = Espresso Love

ACME Ice Cream + Moka Joe = Espresso Love

 Everyone needs to eat to live, but flavor is the only reason anyone reaches for dessert. That’s why ACME takes its flavor partners so seriously. The best ingredients make the best Ultra-Premium ice cream and our partners, like Moka Joe Coffee, deliver top quality flavors from sustainably-managed sources. Here’s a little peek into our favorite local roaster.

 Though Moka Joe Coffee has been in Anacortes since 2006 when Dan and Kirsti Mendum bought the company, it started out as a Bellingham-based roaster. Moka Joe Coffee started in Bellingham and later hopped 15 nautical miles as the crow flies across Bellingham Bay to the Puget Sound coastal town of Anacortes, Washington, the gateway to the San Juan Islands.   What hasn’t changed since it was founded in 1999, is the company’s commitment to sustainability. They purchase only organic, fair-trade certified green coffee beans and partner with Café Femenino, a foundation that promotes women-owned and -operated businesses in the coffee industry.

 General Manager Kirsten Fors points out that sustainability is key to maintaining a steady, quality product that can be purchased year after year. Without healthy farms and reasonable wages, “we can’t do what we do,” she says. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil – and responsible management of this product makes a huge impact on the planet.


 Fors traveled to Peru in 2018 along with a fellow Moka Joe’er. They took a six-hour bus trip into the mountains to see one of their coffee farm sources. Exiting the bus at the edge of a field, their guide announced it was time to pick coffee cherries. “It’s not like the product we see and touch,” recalls Fors – coffee cherries look like cranberries growing on bushes that range from 3-7 feet in height. The farms are wilder, more “jungle-y” than farms in the United Sates. “It was life-changing to experience [coffee farmers’] lives and see how they make a living.”

 Back at the shop, Moka Joe roasts the green coffee beans in small batches. Though “blond” roasts have made a small splash in the industry, Moka Joe coffee tends towards a darker roasting profile. They partner with more than 200 customers, producing private blends when asked – just like that made for ACME Ultra-Premium Espresso Ice Cream which utilizes a custom blend to achieve just the right flavor for our bold, decadent carton of top-shelf treatment.

 Fors thinks it’s cool that people can begin their day with Moka Joe in a mug and end their day with Moka Joe in a bowl of ACME Ice Cream while enjoying a little pre-bedtime sweet, indulgence.

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