There’s No Air Added in ACME Ultra-Premium Ice Cream

Flavor and texture rule the day when it comes to culinary pleasures. As the pinnacle of gastronomic treats, ice cream should be velvety smooth, weighty on the tongue, slow to melt, and rich with flavor. ACME Ice Cream packs the biggest flavor punch and has the most decadent texture for a reason – no air is added during the manufacture of our product.

 “Errrrr…no air, who cares?” many have uttered. Here’s the scoop.


Nearly every ice cream on the market has at least some air added during manufacturing. Most have so much added that 25-50 percent of the product is air by volume. That means, if you let a pint of some other ice cream brands melt, there may only be half a pint remaining. But you’re still paying full price. With ACME Ice Cream you’re always buying a pound in a pint.

“So, what’s the point of adding air?” you may be asking.

It mainly comes down to cost and calories. If the product contains air, there is less actual product in the carton, but in a way that is invisible to consumers. It also creates the perception of containing fewer calories per serving because of the inflated product. Adding air can also contribute to a light texture – perhaps a desirable trait for some consumers - but we like to savor our treats and ACME Ice Cream melts slowly delivering more than a fleeting moment of pleasure on the palate. Though totally smooth, ACME Ice Cream can almost be described as chewy thanks to its density.


“Ok, so I’m getting more for my money. Is that all this air thing is about?”

Of course not! The biggest advantage to adding zero air is more flavor in every bite. Without air separating flavor molecules, the decadent Dark Chocolate delivers remarkable richness, the Madagascar Vanilla turns the flavor dial up to 11, the smooth, Southern drawl of the Butter Pecan melts in your mouth. And like our founder has said from the start, “We’re selling dessert here. It’s all about the flavor.”

“But how does ACME keep the air out when churning is part of the ice cream process?”

Great question. We handcraft our ice cream by adjusting our equipment manually vs. Larger scale producers with computerized equipment - which would probably blow a circuit if the air nozzle was set to zero. All of our pipes and joints are carefully sealed and if the mixing barrel is full, there is no place for air to enter the system.

The result? Full strength ice cream. ACME Ultra-Premium Ice Cream is dessert at its best – all flavor, no filler.

Raptor Webmaster